“Opting Out” to Close Big Brother’s Peep Hole

“Opting Out” to Close Big Brother’s Peep Hole

A few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry actually worked! The relentless telemarketing calls came to a screeching halt.

Once my phone became peaceful, however, my PC decided to take over as marketer-in-chief. Whenever I searched for items online, from Q-tips to¬†tires, I got all sorts of “customized” ads. This concept of Online Behavioral Advertising¬†(OBA) may be wonderful for some folks, but not me.

Thankfully, I stumbled onto¬†the Adobe Privacy Center¬†site,¬†which provides “opt-out” buttons for online tracking and customized advertising, as well as other handy links.

Following is my list of “opt-out” resources: I’m sure there are many others.

Adobe Privacy Center Рa great place to start Рhas links to other tools
Network Advertising Initiative
Google’s Advertising Opt-out Plugin
Microsoft’s Personalized Ad Preferences
Facebook Opt-out Info
Online Behavioral Advertising
TRUSTe Рgeneral OBA info
National Do Not Call Registry Рtelemarketing, etc.
Catalog Choice Рsnail mail

Ironically, cookies are needed to block online ad tracking, and I had disabled my cookies. (Tools > Options > Security, or something similar, depending on browser.) If you’re not cookie-savvy, you may want to consult an expert.

The opting-out process takes time, but I can assure you it’s a worthwhile endeavor. Your sanity will come back. Eventually.

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