Your Cheat Sheet for Public Speaking

Your Cheat Sheet for Public Speaking

cheat sheetLifehack is a great resource for most¬†topics that interest you. It’s even more insightful for topics you didn’t even realize were interesting!

I found the following infographic-type cheat sheet from the London Speakers Bureau with tips for public speaking. It includes everything from planning your speech, how to stand on the stage, where to look, how to keep your audience interested, etc.

Your Cheat Sheet for Public Speaking

One tip that I would add to the list is to practice your intro and your exit statements. No matter how knowledgeable presenters are, they are most likely to stumble at the very beginning and at the end of their speech. I recommend using time in the car (hopefully by yourself) as the perfect time to rehearse those two portions. Repeat both parts until they flow naturally. Then focus on the transitions to the meat of the presentation.

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