Got Mix?

Got Mix?

After many years of having nothing new¬†to say about PowerPoint… I actually learned something new!

Microsoft recently released Office Mix, a FREE add-in that supercharges PowerPoint video. It enables you to combine video and PowerPoint slides to create interactive online videos.

Huh? What does that mean, exactly?

It’s much easier to understand Mix¬†by seeing it in action:

Watch a one-minute video that explains Office Mix

Per Microsoft: Office Mix is a free add-in for PowerPoint 2013. It is a powerful tool that makes authoring and sharing of online lessons / presentations simple. It allows you to make them interactive with quizzes and labs. It allows you to export lessons as mp4 videos.

Features include:

  • Voice, Video & Digital Ink
  • Polls & Interactive Apps
  • Insight & Analytics
  • Playback on Any Device

ppt mixOffice Mix¬†will be especially helpful to trainers and educators, but I also anticipate¬†many business¬†applications¬†ahead. (Perhaps now SlideShare will evolve into “MixShare.”)

Click here to learn more about Office Mix

I’m looking forward to seeing new mixes…especially my own.

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