WTF as in “What The Font.” (Were you expecting something else?)

I saw a really nice font¬†on a website, but I wasn’t sure which typeface¬†it was. I tried viewing the page source to see if the font was mentioned. Alas, no luck. Then I remembered that I could do a reverse font lookup.

There are a number of tools out there to do this, but I use WhatTheFont!

I saved a screenshot of the typeface and then uploaded that file to the WTF(!) website. The software then analysed the file, separating individual characters.


Then I¬†corrected any letters that¬†were not recognized accurately¬†(e.g. a question mark was perceived¬†as a “9”).

A new page appeared listing the most likely suspects. In this case, Kettering and Memphis Light.

Et voil√†! (or, as some folks say,¬†“Wah-LAH!”)

I had my answer. Technology is a beautiful thing. Check it out for yourself.



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