Looking for Smart Ideas?

Looking for Smart Ideas?

I just found a great content curation site: Scoop.it. If you’re looking for interesting content to share, this is a handy resource. You simply search on any topic of interest.

It’s not immediately apparent what scoop.it does. The free version lets you pick one category (e.g. communications), and set of keywords. Scoop.it then displays articles related to that topic/keywords.You can read the articles and/or share them. It’s like Pinterest…you use a toolbar button to tag articles to save to your content library.


You can see how it can be used to share general info as well as advertisements.

This type of site is a great way to increase awareness for your own content, enhance brand awareness, generate leads and share great ideas quickly and easily. It’s a good way to dip your toe into content marketing.

Check out Scoop.it features.



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