“Just send me your resume”

“Just send me your resume”

kblue resume linkedinMs. V. Important at Dreamco, Inc. has asked to see your resume.

You remember updating it at least a decade ago, but not recently. What do you do?

If you’ve filled out your LinkedIn profile, you’re in luck!

LinkedIn Lab’s Resume Builder is a free resource that will put together your resume in seconds.

It sounds too good to be true, right? That’s because, like most tools, it isn’t perfect. There are frustrating “features” (like being limited to .pdf output, stripping out important elements such as paragraph breaks, and rather ugly design choices), but it’s a starting point.

It’s OK if an auto-resume-creator is imperfect. It’s ensures ongoing job security for those of us who provide communication services.

LinkedIn Lab’s Resume Builder

If you need someone to help you create a compelling LinkedIn profile or take a hideous resume and transform it, we’re here to help. Just contact us at info@carycommunications.com.


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