Do You Blame the Whiteboard for a Boring Presentation?

Do You Blame the Whiteboard for a Boring Presentation?

People are always talking about “Death by PowerPoint,” but I don’t think PowerPoint is to blame. It’s merely a tool. Do you blame the hammer for a crooked nail?

Much of the time spent preparing content for a presentation is spent playing with PowerPoint settings or hunting for graphics instead of improving content, flow, storytelling and delivery.

You seldom hear people mention “Death by Whiteboard.” That tool is typically innocent due to its simplicity (lack of features).

A good guideline is to spend at least 80% of your time on planning and 20% on execution. That means focusing on content, not animations, fancy fonts or special effects.

If you hear groans at the beginning of a presentation, perhaps the problem is with the presenter rather than the tool.

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