Need to Collaborate on a PowerPoint Presentation?

Need to Collaborate on a PowerPoint Presentation?

You’ve been asked to “pull together” a PowerPoint presentation with input from four different people over the course of just a few days. What do you do?

A great way to collaborate quickly (and without version control problems) is to upload your PowerPoint presentation to the free Google Slides online app. As long as each user has a gmail account, you can do most of the work online and then download the final product back into PowerPoint.

Find the basic PowerPoint file you want to use as a starting point. Save it in an easy-to-find location. Then, launch Google Slides. With a blank slide on the Google Slides screen, simply go to File > Import Slides > Upload. You can then select File > Share and enter each person’s email address. Individual users will need a gmail account to log in. Each person can add appropriate content, and then you’ll have a single deck you can tweak and download.

Even if you’re unfamiliar with Google Slides, most features are similar enough that you’ll pick up the differences quickly.

It’s nice to have everyone’s input in a single location. It’ll free you up to focus on content, not logistics, which is where your attention should be to create the best possible presentation.

Note: This process also works well on Word (Google Docs) and Excel documents (Google Sheets). 


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