Q: Which do I update first? LinkedIn or my resume?

Q: Which do I update first? LinkedIn or my resume?

A: Many people ask whether they should update their resume or LinkedIn first. You’re likely asking this question because of the following reasons:

  1. You lost your job.
  2. You’re afraid you might lose your job.
  3. Someone has asked you for a copy of your resume.
  4. You found a job opening that sounds interesting and you want to apply.
  5. It’s making you nervous that your most recent resume is 14 years old.

Unless you’re under a tight timeframe to deliver your resume, I recommend focusing on your LinkedIn profile first.

More people will see your LinkedIn profile than your resume. Your LinkedIn profile should capture unique aspects of your personality, values and accomplishments. It should make readers want to see your resume, and, ultimately hire you. In addition, working on your LinkedIn profile will help you better distill the info to include on your resume, which should be concisely written in easy-to-skim chunks.

Within your LinkedIn profile, you should focus on your keywords, core skills and profile summary. Detailed info for each job can come later. There’s no rule that says you have to devote thirty hours straight to filling in all the blanks. Do a little at a time.

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