Q: What’s the best way to update my resume? I have no clue where to start…

Q: What’s the best way to update my resume? I have no clue where to start…

A: Most people don’t update their resume until someone asks to see it. It’s usually a last-minute, frantic activity that doesn’t serve your best interests. “Updating” usually involves diving right into editing text, but there are several core items to consider before you begin.

Think about each of these topics before you start focusing on editing:

  1. VALUE STATEMENT: What is the unique value you bring to a company? How has that company benefited because you worked there vs. another person in that same role? Is there a pattern to the compliments you receive? How do you want to be remembered?
  2. CULTURAL FIT: Which type of environment suits you best? A quiet, independent role with clear goals? A hectic, fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants creative role? Large corporation vs. small start-up?
  3. JOB TARGET: Which job role are you looking for? How is that job typically described? If you’re not sure, look at recent job listings in LinkedIn, Glassdoor or Indeed. Do you want a leadership role, team member role or individual contributor role?
  4. JOB ALERTS: As you search on job sites, save your searches and set up alerts to be updated on new jobs as they are posted.
  5. TOP SKILLS: What are your top 3-5 skills that are relevant to the job you seek? What other skills are required? Check LinkedIn profiles for the wording of those skills for use as keywords for a particular job role.
  6. SKILL GAPS: Are there any weaknesses or skill deficiencies you need to beef up or to potentially address in an interview?
  7. PORTFOLIO: Do you have examples of your work? Presentations you created, process diagrams, graphics design, etc.
  8. IMPACT METRICS: Gather any statistics that measures the impact you’ve had in previous roles.


  • Achieved 110% of sales revenue goals.
  • Supported 14 people.
  • Saved $2M in expenses.
  • Delivered $600K in additional revenue.
  • Uncovered $50K in potential leads.
  • Implemented new process that reduced production time by five hours.
  • Led team to sell $16M in service sales for FY2017.
  • Increased number of new applicants by 12% Y/Y.

If you feel stuck or are wasting time, please feel free to contact us at info@carycommunications.com or 919.578.2666.

We can help make you sound great while reducing your stress.

Thank you

Karen Bluestein


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