Top 5 Job Search Sites


Top 5 Job Search Sites

Which sites are the best for job hunting? If you’re like many people in the job market today, you’re unfamiliar with the latest job hunting resources, including knowing which sites to use to search for your next job.

After working with hundreds of professionals and helping them find their dream roles, I’ve noticed a definite pattern of consistently good job search sites. My assessment isn’t based on a formal survey or extensive research, just my personal expertise.

Karen’s Top 5 Job Search Sites

  1. Glassdoor – What I like best about Glassdoor is that it scores each employer and offers real-life feedback from actual employees who work there, so you can better assess the context for the role and (hopefully) avoid toxic cultures and lousy CEOs. The site also provides salary ranges for many jobs, which is helpful in targeting the right roles for your experience level and salary expectations. New jobs are posted regularly, so the content is fresh.
  2. Indeed – Two hundred million users can’t be wrong. Despite its unattractive interface, Indeed is a great go-to site for the most extensive number of job listings. Indeed compiles information from job boards, offers advanced search features for optimal filtering and is a great place to sign up for daily job alerts.
  3. LinkedIn – It’s the most popular social site used by recruiters (92%+ use it to find candidates). It’s not the most comprehensive list of jobs, but you’re more likely to be seen, even if you don’t answer a job posting. If you see a job that interests you, you can see which people in your network actually work there or who worked at that company in the past. When you hear that networking is the best way to land a job, LinkedIn is the best way to advertise your skills for free. It’s also the most popular site for working professionals.
  4. TheLadders – This site is geared toward six-figure jobs, so if you’re an executive or want to be one, this may be a great resource for you. It offers a free resume reviewer that can spot flaws you may have missed.
  5. Simplyhired – With an extensive search engine that pulls from social media and a convenient mobile app, you can apply to multiple job listings quickly and easily.

Most sites enable you to save your search and create an alert. You also can select the frequency of the job alerts. This is great if you want to apply for a job as early in the process as possible.

If you need help figuring out your next role, clarifying your core skills, updating your LinkedIn profile, or overhauling your decades-old resume, Cary Communications can help. Contact us today for more information.

–Karen Bluestein, CEO, Cary Communications

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