7 Quick Tips for Communicating with Executives

7 Quick Tips for Communicating with Executives

Presenting information to executives requires a different communication style. Typically, when communicating with executives, we gradually build our case to a particular conclusion. That is not the optimal approach. Instead, when presenting information to executives, you need to get right to the point, keep it short and sweet, ensure any handouts or slides are easy to skim.

Remember the phrase, “Show me the money”? Executives always want to focus on the bottom line: dollars, metrics, quantity, cost savings, revenue increases, growth %. Influence them using data, not opinions.

Following are guidelines with examples below each statement.

State your conclusion up front and the action you want the executive to take

Hire 5 new employees to increase sales by 10%

Summarize the impact that action will have on particular groups or individuals using dollars and numbers wherever possible; don’t build a case

Sales – Adding one new salesperson will generate $120K in incremental sales annually
Marketing – Adding new marketing assistant will generate 52 new leads per year
Finance – Adding new bookkeeper will enable us to invoice customers 2 weeks sooner

Mention the risk of not doing the action you want; use data, not emotion

If we don’t hire anyone, we risk stagnant sales and losing >$1M in sales to our competition (who is already outpacing us to take first place in our category)

Speak only in bullet points, not paragraphs; be succinct

Average cost of salesperson in our location is $85K per year (mention source as footnote).
Average new sale is $42K x 25 sales per year = $1.05M additional annual revenue
ROI = ~one month

Keep the discussion high-level, but have key details in your back pocket

Detailed calculations are available in Appendix A

Allow time for Q&A

I’ve allowed 15 minutes to answer your questions. What questions do you have?

Don’t get defensive

Excellent point. I will get you those details by noon tomorrow. Thank you for pointing that out.


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