The Diversity Advantage


The Diversity Advantage

I’m often amazed at how some people do not see the value of diversity. Any leader who’s ever built a team knows that having a diverse set of skills, backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences is like having numerous tools in your toolbox instead of just one. The value comes not just from the sum of the parts but from all of the infinite combinations each of the differences provide to generate better ideas, processes, decisions and outcomes.

An Opportunity to Expand Your Toolbox

Whenever I had an opportunity to hire someone, I looked at my team collectively as a pocket knife. Which tool was I missing? I never wanted to buy a tool that I already owned. Although similar tools with different uses were fine, the biggest value came from adding a completely different component.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Would you want a set of measuring spoons that were all 1 teaspoon? A set of spices containing only thyme? A combination lock that just had one number? A refrigerator that only stored wine? (OK, perhaps that’s not the best example.)

How about a cell phone that could hold only one app? A TV with just one channel? A radio with just one station?

Your Secret Sauce?

If you’re looking to gain a competitive advantage, diversity is an obvious choice. Anything that’s difficult to replicate becomes more valuable.

Variety is an advantage. Diversity makes all of us more nimble, powerful and unique.

Who wouldn’t want that?

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