Congratulations to Veso on his new job!

Congratulations to Veso on his new job!

Veso Lukovik, one of our recent clients, just got a new job as HRIS Lead at Novelis. Way to go, Veso! We want to wish him well on his new adventure.

Veso Lukovik is one of Cary Communications' most recent success stories.
Veso Lukovik

As a leader and former captain of a competitive soccer (football) team, he believes letting each individual be themselves will naturally strengthen the overall team. It’s unusual to find a project manager with such a flexible, upbeat perspective. He believes that simply taking a walk can clear your mind and enable you to see innovative solutions to complex problems.

Veso was kind enough to write a wonderful testimonial…

I worked with Karen to improve my resume and LinkedIn presence while seeking a new job. In short, working with Karen increased my LinkedIn traffic dramatically, and let to many more interviews and offers. I was able to land a great job that was a great fit for me, and I have Karen to thank for that. I highly recommend using her to improve your resume and/or your LinkedIn presence. –Veso Lukovik”

We are so proud of Veso, Cary Communications’ latest success story.

If you would like to achieve a similar level of career success, contact us for more information.

Cary Communications offers a variety of career services, from career coaching and interview preparation, resumes and LinkedIn profile makeovers as well as infographic-style resumes and “brag books”– PowerPoint presentations showcasing your accomplishments–we know how to bring out the best in you and make it easy for you to share your talents with others. Let us help you shine!

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