Help Wanted: A Woman of Substance

Help Wanted: A Woman of Substance

Corporate execs claim they want to hire more women leaders. They see the value of diversity of having decision makers and champions that more closely match the viewpoint of their customers as well as their employees. So why is it difficult to fill those roles?

I know of many amazing, accomplished women in high-level roles who have trouble finding a new job. If there’s a systematic, concerted effort to diversify the leadership ranks, I’m not aware of it. There are many podcasts, articles, forums, Ted Talks, etc. that cover the issue, yet I seldom hear about individual opportunities until they’re filled and/or announced publicly.

What is the secret to matching companies seeking to hire more women leaders with those women themselves?

Is there a matchmaking company other there to fill those gaps? If anyone know the answer or is aware of companies seeking to fill senior leadership positions with strong candidates, please contact us. As a company that works with individuals to communicate their value more clearly, play up their strengths, and document their accomplishments, we see impressive women every day, and they often voice the same frustration.

Cary Communications is happy to play matchmaker. If you are aware of a leadership role, especially within the tech field, and don’t have enough female candidates. Let’s talk.

Together we can change the world, one woman at a time…

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