Our Team

Karen B.

Karen founded Cary Communications in 2012. After a decade in publishing and another 14 years leading sales operations at Cisco, she recognized the need to simplify technology concepts for everyday people. Whether they want to buy something, sell something or use something, explanations and images make all the difference in today’s complex world. Karen often found herself bridging the gap between those who understood the technology and those who didn’t. With a natural talent for distilling complex concepts into plain English combined with graphic design skills, she began Cary Communications offering PowerPoint presentations and infographics for local tech companies. She then expanded to writing LinkedIn profiles, customizing resumes, and coaching people to reach their career goals. Cary Communications now offers dozens of services related to creating clear, concise, compelling communications.

Autumn N.

Autumn started with Cary Communications in June of 2019. She is the administrative assistant and helps out with many different things inside the company, she has a background in many things such as Culinary Arts, and special education. She spends a lot of time researching and trying to develop herself into the best version of herself possible. Autumn lives in Georgia with her husband and kitten, you will often find her in the kitchen baking cookies or at her desk trying to learn a new technique. She likes to think of herself as a person that enjoys serving others or being in the water.

Azure N.

Azure is a VA specializing in event management. Her educational background is in communications, and for the past ten years, she has worked as an onsite event manager. She loves working with teams, building relationships, infusing design and creativity into her work and checking items off of her to-do lists. Based in Northern California, she lives with her husband-to-be and 2-year-old daughter. When not working, you’ll find Azure playing with her daughter at the local park, remodeling her home, or eating tacos.

Ashley N.

Ashley is an educational consultant, author, and online course builder. She designs and writes for profitable funnels and moderate forums for course builders. Ashley is also a passionate special need advocate with a sister, cousin, husband, and daughter on the autism spectrum. The author of Crystal Puzzle: Growing Up with a Sister with Asperger’s, her secret superpower is that she can understand and communicate with children and adults who cannot speak. You can read some more of her fun projects at TheDiversityWriter.com which will soon be changing to ChangeYourMusic.com as soon as she can update it.