Moot point, not mute point

  If someone makes a point that's no longer relevant, it's a moot point, not a mute point. The term moot came from British law. A moot court was where law students argued...

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Flesh out, not flush out

  When you're filling in the gaps and expanding on a new idea, you're fleshing out the idea, not flushing out the idea. Think of it as a drawing of a person...

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Media, Not Mediums

  The plural of the word medium is media. Many people use the term mediums, which is incorrect. Therefore, you do not publish to various social mediums. Some will argue that there are...

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Top 5 Job Search Sites

Which sites are the best for job hunting? If you're like many people in the job market today, you're unfamiliar with the latest job hunting resources, including knowing which sites...

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