Writing & Grammar

Moot point, not mute point

  If someone makes a point that's no longer relevant, it's a moot point, not a mute point. The term moot came from British law. A moot court was where law students argued...

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Flesh out, not flush out

  When you're filling in the gaps and expanding on a new idea, you're fleshing out the idea, not flushing out the idea. Think of it as a drawing of a person...

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Best Free Communications Resources

You don't have to spend endless hours digging for free resources online or take expensive training courses to improve your communications skills. Cary Communications has uncovered many free or low-cost resources...

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Anatomy of a Great Presentation

You've been asked to deliver a presentation at an upcoming event. You are not happy about this. If you're like most people, you immediately start designing slides. First Things First Instead of...

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Simple is Hard

I often hear, “I’m not a writer…can you do this for me?” Most writers do not simply sit down, channel their inner Tolstoy, and churn out brilliance from start to finish....

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Welcome to Cary Communications! In today's busy world, it's important to get to the point quickly with a unique, compelling message. Some people have no idea what they need in order to...

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