Many of our clients are engineers who must present complex concepts to non-technical audiences.

Using plain English and creating simple illustrations often prove to be a challenge for experts who are used to sketching complex network diagrams on a whiteboard. 

The best illustrations are often the simplest, so we offer flexible graphic design services.

If you need a new logo, infographic, diagram, icons, template, or photo, we can help.

We work directly with subject-matter experts to fully understand the concepts they want to convey, and then we create each new illustration from scratch. We translate basic through complex principles using a simple, graphical approach, leveraging builds, animation and colors as needed.


Whether you want a simple process flow, easy-to-use metrics dashboard or detailed network diagram, Cary Communications can help you reach your audience. We also help datafirst modalitiesyou decide which method is optimal to convey each concept. Perhaps you want a self-running kiosk or a series of charts to display on a website. Regardless of platform, we can guide you in the right direction.


We can create a palette of reusable graphics, icons or shapes that you can easily use for future projects. Let us help make your projects–and your life–easier. Contact us today at