The best predictor of future performance is past performance. Since everyone loves a good makeover, we are sharing some “before and after” transformations. These are real-life examples of actual slides with proprietary information removed. In the second section, we include additional examples of single slides. Note: some images may appear blurry due to image compression.

  • Slide Makeover - Before & After: Catalog Page

When improving a PowerPoint presentation (as an example), we first strive to understand the audience, the content being communicated, and the resulting action the speaker wants the audience to take. Once we have that understanding, we can best tweak, create, or redesign the slides as needed to achieve the desired results.

    • TAM slide
    • Business slide
    • Diagram
    • Marketing Flyer
    • Modern resume
    • Quote
    • Workshop title page
    • Report cover page
    • SWOT Marketing Diagram
    • Ticketmaster slide
    • Business Services
    • Agenda slide
    • Infographic Resume Timeline
    • Template design
    • Old sales pitch
    • Agenda slide
    • Quote slide

    Everyone has a unique style, and we’re no exception. Ours is clear, compelling and professional. Not stuffy, boring or plain. We have hundreds of examples for most types of communications, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask…