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Employees today are expected to have a variety of business, creative, technical and “soft” skills, yet they seldom receive training on how to master these skills or maximize the tools available to them. Achieving these skills helps employers, as well as employees, be more successful. Cary Communications training classes maximize your time, so you don’t have to spend a day (or more) away from work. We teach practical tips and shortcuts as well as how to master communication skills in a way that works in most environments. Give us an hour, and we promise it’ll be time well spent.



  • Your team must implement changes, but can’t break through the noise to clearly communicate those changes to the intended audience.
  • You’re unable to convince people of the value of your projects.
  • You’re required to create numerous presentations at work, but they all look terrible.
  • You’re embarrassed by your team’s lack of PowerPoint skills and believe each employee might benefit from one-on-one training.
  • You keep trying to make a point, but it seems that no one’s listening.
  • You regularly get cut off in meetings, or don’t get credit for your ideas.
  • You’re tired of seeing grammatical errors in employee emails.
  • You haven’t been promoted in a while and are wondering whether your communication skills are to blame.

Cary Communications offers coaching and training sessions on improving business communication skills, from grammar and day-to-day writing to PowerPoint and Microsoft Word sessions. There are no cookie-cutter classes. Each course is customized based on your personal needs, or those of your team. We offer a program to help sales teams improve their sales-pitch messaging to prospects and customers.

In-person or remote sessions, private one-on-one training and group courses are available.


We offer free consultations. Contact us today: info at carycommunications